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About Us
Divinity Funerals is a family owned and operated funeral home. We service the diverse needs of our community by providing a broad range of personalized funeral care services. We promise to provide you with commitment and compassion during each step of the funeral care process. Our dedicated staff has over forty years’ experience in the funeral care industry and we can guide you in determining which service is appropriate for your family’s needs.
Pre-Planning a Funeral
Independent free will and free advice for probate
Funeral Stationery
Memoriam Cards
Our beautiful memoriam cards serve as timeless keepsakes. Honour the memory of your loved one with this memento that you can share with family and friends. We’ll assist you in customising these cards with a cherished photo and meaningful words.

Holding Screens
Set a solemn tone for a meaningful tribute with our holding screens. They provide a respectful pause before live-streamed or virtual funeral services, offering a serene backdrop for reflection and remembrance.

Order of Service Booklets
We offer personalisation for service booklets to help you remember your loved ones meaningfully. Create a dignified order of service booklet with the service details, custom hymns, and heartfelt tributes to guide attendees through the funeral proceedings.

Our carefully crafted bookmarks are designed to feature a beloved photo, capturing your loved one’s essence. You can also choose a favourite quote that resonates with your loved one’s spirit. Allow your loved one’s presence to grace every book with our keepsake bookmarks.

Celebration of Life Portrait
Evoke cherished memories during your loved one’s service with a beautifully crafted portrait. Our professionals will capture the essence of your loved one’s life in a customised celebration of life portrait, creating a lasting, fitting tribute.

Video Tribute
Celebrate and honour your loved one with a touching video tribute that combines photos, videos, and music. We’ll help you create a story that is important to you and your family with our personalised video tribute services.

Why Have A Funeral
Today, people all over the world commemorate their loved ones with ceremonies that reflect their religious or cultural attitudes toward death. Just as we have rituals for other passages of life, such as graduations and weddings, we need a ritual for death – one of the most significant of all passages. Funerals just don’t recognize that a life has ended; they recognize that a life was lived. They offer family and friends a chance to gather and recall what mattered to them about the deceased’s life: his or her accomplishments, friendship, guidance and love. For this reason, it is important families choose the kind of final disposition most meaningful to them and most appropriate for the deceased. Divinity Funerals have included in this website examples of religious and cultural beliefs. Rest assured that our funeral directors have extensive experience in providing funeral care for all religions and cultures in our multi-cultural society.
“Greek Care” states for most Greeks the beliefs, rituals and traditions surrounding death and mourning are founded in the Greek Orthodox religion. For many, following the traditions practiced in their homeland is important.
For Greek migrants who arrived in Australia as children, knowledge of the traditions may come from early memories of funerals and memorials in their village or town……
Christians celebrate the funeral rites to offer worship, praise and thanksgiving to God for the gift of a life which has now been returned to God, the author of life. We pray for the person who has died asking for the forgiveness of sin and the gift of everlasting life. The Church calls each member of Christ’s Body to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort those who mourn….
Among Buddhists death is regarded as an occasion of major religious significance, both for the deceased and for the family and friends. For the deceased it marks the moment when the transition begins to a new mode of existence within the round of rebirths….
A non-religious service can contain poetry, songs, music and words of remembrance, spoken either by a family member or a celebrant.
A non-denominational service may be similar to the above but with spoken and silent prayer also incorporated into the service. Scripture readings may be read by members of the family or friends and a service could end with a prayer, but this is only at the wish of the family….
Our testimonials
A sincere Thank you to Denne and all the staff at Divinity Funerals in helping us during the most difficult time in our lives. Denne and all his team were patient, understanding, compassionate and overall very professional in helping our family in our deepest time of sorrow and loss. From our first point of contact Denne and his staff handled everything to do with our beloved late...
Georgia Chronakis
A sincere Thank you to Denne and all the staff at Divinity Funerals in helping us during the most difficult time in our lives. Denne and all his team were patient, understanding, compassionate and overall very professional in helping our family in our deepest time of sorrow and loss. From our first point of contact Denne and his staff handled everything to do with our beloved late...
Georgia Chronakis
#1 Funeral Services by Caring & Compassionate Team
Divinity Funerals – The Best Funeral Services In Sydney If you are looking for someone to entrust the planning of your funeral to, know that we take every effort in putting together a beautiful service and making you comfortable. For this reason, many regard us as the best provider of funerals in New South Wales (NSW). You can always rely on us for the most organised funeral services by our best funeral directors in Sydney. We understand the hardships and emotional turmoil people go through when somebody dies in a family. Therefore, we always adopt a personalised and caring approach to planning the funeral of the loved ones of our clients. This is why many people call us to look after their funeral services in NSW. We understand that this is a time of immense grief and so we provide all our clients the support and comfort they need. · Aspects to consider while organising a funeral When planning a funeral in Sydney, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Our team can assist our clients in all aspects of funeral arrangements right from direct cremation to orthodox and catholic funerals in Sydney. Our team will help you to choose the right ministers and celebrants as well. We leave no stone unturned in our funeral services in Sydney. We help our clients choose the most appropriate venue regarding the event they wish to organise in memory of their loved one. We help them get the loveliest flowers and the most suitable music for the event. The most professional services People around the region know us for the professional way in which we arrange funerals. At the same time, we also personalise our services in such a way that our clients experience no issues at all. We always focus on keeping the costs within the reach of our clients. We are also always warm and courteous to our clients. Therefore, we are always trusted to plan dignified funeral services. We know how bad some service providers in the industry can be. We aim to be much better than that. We encourage our clients to call us and talk to us about their funeral needs. A transparent service provider As a leading service provider in this domain, we always believe in being as transparent as we can be in these cases. This shows in our funeral costs, too. We do not have any hidden costs. We offer different packages for our clients and all these packages have their own salient features and costs too. This range of packages means that our clients would find something that suits them the best. We have something for everyone – one more factor that makes us the number one service provider in this industry. Affordable, compassionate, and dignified funeral services People in the region know us for our low-cost funerals. However, just because we are affordable it does not mean we would compromise in key areas such as the dignity and compassion necessary for such a momentous occasion. We work all around the region with all communities that need our services. The local media have also reviewed us in glowing words in all these 40 years that we have been in the industry. In fact, for some of them, we are the best of our ilk in the region. We offer the best price package for our clients. We make it truly special for our clients and offer them the most affordable funerals ever.
” Our promise to you is to provide you with commitment and compassion during every step of the funeral care process. “
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