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As Catholics, we worship God and offer thanksgiving for the person’s life during the rites of the funeral. We believe He has given us the gift of life and after demise, we can be united with Him after purification. We pray and thank God for the gift of everlasting life, ask for forgiveness of sin for the person who has died. The Church calls each member of Christ’s Body to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort those who mourn. As the faithful are called to a ministry of consolation when a member of Christ’s Body dies. Christian consolation is rooted in that hope that comes from faith in the saving death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christian hope faces the reality of death and grief but with an attitude of trust.
Complete services for arranging Catholic funerals At Divinity Funerals, we offer all the services that our clients need for Catholic burials. Our funeral directors have immense experience and a great understanding of the rites that the Catholic Church performs for these ceremonies. Therefore, they can always provide all the guidance to our clients – and that too with the dignity and care that such proceedings deserve. We would always make sure that our clients bid farewell to their loved ones in the best way possible. We help them follow all the tenets related to Catholic funerals to the fullest.
Planning the funeral for our clients We specialise in planning distinguishable Catholic funerals focussed on our shared reverent hope. Often, families get help from members of the Church for suggestions and help in planning the funeral. We always understand that people are not in the best mental state in such situations, and so they hold on to all the help that comes their way. Having someone from the Church also makes sure that they follow all the rites in this context, as well as having someone that understands their beliefs to lean on. We would always suggest our clients get help from professional funeral directors. This is because they have sufficient experience in working with the people and organisations to give them a comprehensive funeral service. Our funeral directors have performed many Catholic funerals. So, we know how what is expected and will help you put together all that is required. They know the rituals and rites they have to perform to complete the Mass of Christian Burial the right way. This includes the family Vigil too. We have connections with local clergy and parishes. These associations help us get a minister who can conduct the burial service and Mass along with prayers for the one who has departed and bless the coffin with incense and Holy water. The rite of committal, which is the final ritual, happens at the burial site. A priest also attends this part of the funeral to perform this. The best Catholic burial and cremation services From 1963 Catholics have found it suitable to cremate the deceased, provided the remains rest in a sacred place such as the cemetery of a church. The guidelines normally outline that the remains aren’t separated or put into mementos. Our clients still have a few options that they can choose in this context. For example, if they want to bury their loved ones below the ground, they can choose from monumental graves. Alternatively, we can offer them the likes of the crypt, mausoleum interments, and family vaults. We have a considerable range of dignified caskets and coffins to select from.
What happens at Catholic funerals?

A catholic person believes in immortality and hence, it is very much depicted in the funeral ceremony. In this, people believe that the person who has died would be adjudged either heaven, hell, or purgatory. This is one of the prime reasons why in catholic funerals, the mourners pray that the person or the deceased one gets into heaven.

There are certain elements in a catholic funeral. These are—

  • A vigil service or a prayer service with the family members and friends with the cremated body is held. In this, the casket is kept either closed or open.
  • A funeral mass (with the body) or memorial mass (in case the body is not present) is conducted.


Are catholic funerals an open casket funeral?

Catholic funerals are conducted as per the catholic norms and regulations. However, as far as whether the catholic funeral is an open casket funeral or not is concerned, it can be both open and closed. It completely depends on the family members who would decide whether it would be kept opened or closed. Therefore, there is no strictness on this ground. It will be closed (if opened) just before the procession and thereafter would remain closed. Catholic funerals are rich in tradition and rituals. There would be prayers commonly called vigil service. It is also called the rosary or wake service where respect is paid to the decedent and the family members.

What does red mean at a funeral?

Any kind of funeral is a time of grief for a family. Therefore, it is necessary to be a part of their sorrow in hard times. For this, certain etiquette, commonly called funeral etiquette is followed and every individual attending should abide by this. In catholic funerals where dark muted colors are considered to be the sign of mourning and sadness. On the other hand, bright bold colors put in a wrong impression. This goes with the red as well. Red at any of the catholic funerals means a sign of disrespect. Hence, at funerals, bold and bright colors should always be avoided.

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