Community Support

Eternal Memories Programs

There is no escaping the sorrow, the gaping wound, the death of a loved one can leave in your heart, and in your life. We believe the most important service we provide our customers is helping them find a way forward through their grief.

We offer this comfort through a number of ways. Firstly, of course, we do our utmost to provide excellent funeral services. But once the funeral has passed, we offer a range of services to help deal with the loss of the person, through our Eternal Memories Grief Program. Divinity Funerals can also assist families who have to deal with the inevitable legal realities that families sometimes face after death. Our Eternal Memories Family Services Program is designed to help with all those administrative chores.

Divinity Funerals also provide through our Eternal Memories Program seminars dealing with title Death and Grieving for Nursing Home staff as well as residents and their families, church groups, local clubs, schools and any groups in the wider community. All programs through our Eternal Memories Program are free of charge and is Divinity Funerals way of contributing to our community. Both of these services are available for you to use, free of charge, whenever you need them – even months or years after the funeral.