Direct Cremation
Direct Cremation
A Direct Cremation is when there is no funeral ceremony. The deceased is placed in a coffin and transported to a crematory. Then the cremated remains are placed in an urn and ready to be buried, placed in a niche, or be taken home.
Sydneys Direct Cremations & Funeral Services

Divinity Funerals – Cheap Cremation Services In Sydney

Divinity Funerals can help clients with all they need to lay their loved one to rest. If our clients are looking to directly cremate the deceased without a funeral, we offer direct cremation services in Sydney for this service. We offer the best prices in the region for cremation, as we look to make them accessible to anyone who needs it. Pricing may go up a little if our clients want to pre-arrange a direct cremation service. We are one of the most trusted providers of cremation services in the area. We can offer our clients funeral plans with all the expenses they can expect for such a programme. Our services are the most affordable in this respect.
  • Respectful and simple services
Our direct cremation in Sydney services are exactly the simple and respectful work that some people want for their dearly departed. This requires no funeral at all and may be preferable for those that don’t want the time pressure on them or don’t want their memory to be tied up in death. Many people also prefer not to handle the many other factors to keep aware of in a funeral service or burial. We offer them a contemporary alternative known for such circumstances. Therefore, there is such an immense demand for direct cremation services, such as we provide. We offer this service affordably, to fit in with any budget.
  • Deciding the necessary services
When our clients are organising funerals and cremations in Sydney, they need to decide the exact service they want. This is because their choice will determine the funeral service that they receive. This will in fact also determine the location where we would organise the event in question. After our clients have made up their minds in that regard, they can get creative if they wish to. This means they can add all the personal touches they want to the ceremony to make funerals and cremations as unique and intimate as it can.
  • A few things to know about direct cremations
The cheap cremations these days have become a viable alternative to traditional funerals. These days, they have become rather popular too. Now, there are various reasons why that is the case. As the name of such a ceremony would suggest, cremations cut out the funeral service. This is the most inexpensive option because you do not have to spend money on the extras such as costly coffins, cars, flowers, and funeral services.
  • A preferred option for many cultures
These days, there are so many people living in Australia from various cultural backgrounds. For so many of them, cremations are the most preferred alternatives. Obviously, the fact it is so economical makes it the most practical alternative for many families in the country. For a cremation funeral service, people need to pay the crematorium chapel where the funeral service takes place. They also have to pay for the cremation service. These costs vary. Most funerals in these crematoria do not stretch for more than half an hour. However, if they want the service to be longer or if they are expecting more mourners, they may have to spend extra. Nevertheless, our clients need not worry as we will be at their side and do all the booking on their behalf.
Why are cremations becoming more popular?
There are a few reasons why relations are becoming popular these days. Environmental concerns, growing preference for personalized services, people’s ability to pre-arrange their final needs, cheap way, fewer religious prohibitions, and lesser preference for traditional services are some of the factors contributing to cremations in Sydney becoming popular. The cost of cremations is much lower than the funeral services. Apart from this, cremations allow the family members to schedule the memorial service according to the availability of the members and gives them more time for making the necessary travel arrangements to reach out to the place of cremation.

Why is cremation a more affordable option?
Cremation services are a more popular and affordable option where you can beautifully honor your loved one. It allows you to celebrate your life or your loved one’s life without pushing yourself under the financial stress of expensive traditional burial services. You may select wooden urns of exotic woods or eco-friendly biodegradable urn, or a decorative ceramic urn and still make huge cost savings than spending on a burial service. Also, you may have the urn at the cemetery so that the friends & family members of the deceased can pay a visit in the future.
What does the average funeral cost?

Direct cremation or creation without a ceremony is a cheap way to perform cremations in Sydney. There are no ceremonial services involved in direct cremation that helps to save money on the total costs for cremations. It involves cremating the body shortly after passing. There will not be embalming, visiting, or viewing of the deceased person by the friends or other people in contact with the person who passed away. There will be a whole-body donation with cremation without any costs. Undoubtedly, this is the cheapest and the most affordable option for creating your family member or a close friend.

What is a direct cremation?
A cremation without a funeral service is a direct cremation in Sydney. There will not be any ceremonies performed beforehand and there will not be any attendees. The family members will get back the ashes of the deceased to do whatever they wish to. Direct cremations are exceedingly popular nowadays because of the reason that there is no fuss surrounding the farewell of the deceased and is also an affordable option. It is the simplest, yet the quickest cremation available. Other names for direct cremation are simple cremation, basic cremation, or cremation without a ceremony.
What is the difference between cremation and direct cremation?
The chief difference between cremation & direct cremation in Sydney is the timeline from the death to the final cremation. In cremation, the body of the deceased arrives at the funeral home from where it was like a hospital or a morgue; followed by embalming, dressing, and preparing the body for viewing at the memorial service. However, indirect cremation, the body arrives directly at the crematorium from the morgue or the hospital. People who don’t want to go for embalming may opt for direct cremation. In the end, the family members receive the remains, and then they can arrange for a private dispersal.
Do funeral homes do cremations?
Yes, funeral homes provide a range of services including cremation. Funeral homes take care of funerals and cremations in Sydney by coordinating all the necessary arrangements required for the cremation, funeral, or burial. They pick up the body from the place where the deceased passed away and transport the body to a crematorium upon request. Funeral homes provide all professional services of funeral staff and the funeral director. They perform the necessary services like embalming, washing, hairdressing, and dressing. The funeral home also composes obituaries and arranges for clergy while performing memorial & graveside services.
How many bodies are cremated at once?
Ideally, the law allows for the cremation of a single body at once. Although funeral homes have a pile of bodies for funerals and cremations in Sydney, the law allows only a body in a chamber at a time. However, there might be exceptions to this too. If the family members of the deceased wish to cremate two bodies together, only then the funeral homes will be cremating two bodies together. There is not much space for the cremation of two bodies together in a chamber. So, if there are two adult bodies for cremation, the funeral home will cremate them in separate machines installed side by side.
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