When A Death Has Occured
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When a loved one dies, it can be devastating and overwhelming. There are so many details to take care of and sometimes it is hard to know just how to proceed. Contacting Divinity Funerals right away on 02 9718 8878 can be a big help. It is the funeral director’s job to help make this process as easy on you as possible. Divinity Funerals are sensitive to your needs and have good listening skills. Our professional staff will look out for your best interests and help guide you through a process that contains many important steps. Remember that you are not alone. Divinity Funeral staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with organising your funeral care needs.

A Death Has Occurred At An Institution

When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff will handle all the necessary steps for you. You will simply need to inform the institution that Divinity Funerals is handling the arrangements and to contact Divinity Funerals on 02 9718 8878. The funeral home will contact the institution and arrange and conduct the transfer of the loved one into our care.

Anticipated Death Has OccuredAt Home

In most cases of terminal illnesses, families will make decisions and prepare in advance to keep loved ones at home with the assistance of Home Hospice. After the death has occurred, family need to contact their personal doctor. If the doctor is unable to attend, an on call doctor will come to your home and pronounce the date and time the death has occurred and will give clearance for the loved one to be transferred. After the doctor has completed all relevant paper work, you will need to call Divinity Funerals on 02 9718 8878 and we will arrange and complete the transfer of your loved one.

Unanticipated Death Has Occurred At Home Or Other Location

In a situation where a death has occurred unexpectedly at home or another location, you will need to call 000 for the police and emergency medical personnel. In some cases the loved one may be taken to the NSW Coroner’s Office if the cause of death is unknown. This will be determined by the emergency responders.Contact 000 Immediately Contact Divinity Funerals on 02 9718 8878 for the transfer and care of the loved one, if the emergency responders have determined the cause of death and are not required to take the decedent to the Coroner. If an appointment is not made with the funeral home when the transfer is completed, you will need to call the funeral home to schedule an appointment to make the arrangements.

A Death Has Occurred Out Of State Or Overseas

When a death occurs out of state you will need to contact Divinity Funerals on 02 9718 8878. We will coordinate the transfer with a local funeral home or mortuary service at the place of death and assist you with other arrangement details. If you are anticipating the death of a loved one and would like to make advance preparations you may contact us any time.
How do you make funeral arrangements?
In the moment of grief, it is arduous to carry out funeral arrangements effectively and efficiently. However, keeping the nerves calm, a person needs to do the following—

  • Making the so-called First Calls in order to inform the concerned people and appropriate parties about the loss or demise
  • Take impactful steps towards ascertaining that the deceased is transported from the place to the funeral ground
  • Take care of the pre-arrangements like the funeral services being provided by the different service providers
  • As a part of funeral arrangements, you need to choose the funeral products and memorials
  • Also, the legal aspects and documentation are needed to be done properly.
  • Providing a time to say good-bye

The above-mentioned are some of the essential funeral arrangements that are needed to be done.

What are funeral arrangements called?
Funeral arrangements are commonly known as Advance planning. It is nothing but the act of making arrangements for the farewell or final disposition that includes funeral, memorial, cremation, ceremony, and/or other plans or services before death. Advance planning is the pre-planning and simply involves recording someone’s wishes. It also includes pre-paying or making financial arrangements called the preneed. A meeting will take place between the family members of the deceased and the funeral director to finalize everything. They will discuss the wishes & desires of the family during the meeting followed by the preparation of a contract for the services the family chooses.
What all should be included in a funeral service?
Arranging a funeral service is an emotional process. It involves the final disposition of the deceased and how to remember his or her life & memory. Funeral arrangements would be easy when you first select the form of final disposition. You may choose between traditional burial, natural burial, cremation & alkaline hydrolysis. Plan the service at a funeral home chapel or in a place of worship. Choose an officiant like a funeral director to lead the service, readings like poems or prayers & who will be delivering them, contemporary or religious hymns, and a eulogist for delivering a eulogy of the deceased.
How do I make a funeral flower arrangement?
You can create DIY funeral flower arrangements by following some tips. However, you must know the difference between the varying flower arrangements. You may opt for standing flower sprays which is the most common type of floral arrangement when it comes to funerals. Also, they find their place closest to the casket. Another option may be a flower wreath or smaller arrangements that are smaller than the standing sprays, but you can display them on easels. They find the place alongside the standing flower sprays. You may also position the flower on the casket in a half or full-casket arrangement.
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