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We at Divinity Funerals are the best funeral directors in Western Sydney. The first reason for such a statement is the fact that we offer a wide array of funeral services for people belonging to various faiths and denominations. This includes faiths, such as: Greek Orthodox, Buddhists, and Catholics. We also work with non-religious clients who are not part of any denomination. We work the entire region and our directors are as experienced and friendly as you would expect them to be.

The funeral services that we offer:

We understand the need for a funeral director in times such as these, and so we make our best efforts to be the helping hand that our clients need.
Therefore, our funeral director would meet the clients and discuss with them the way they are looking to prepare the funeral. They can be sure that we would help them make all the right choices in this regard. At times, the dead too have their wishes regarding their funerals. We also listen to others in the family who have contacted us. There are many areas where our funeral director can offer invaluable guidance and care to the clients in these situations.
  • Serving the families in need
As the leading funeral directors in Western Sydney, we can serve families that need the help of professionals such as us in these dire straits. With the help of our superb facilities, we make sure that the loved ones of our clients will come to our care in the safest way possible. We take all the pains necessary to make sure we offer the best care to loved ones after they have left behind their mortal abode.
  • A fully family-owned company
We are a family-owned company and have been in the industry for many years now. In this way, we are among few of our kind, and we also intend to remain that way. We’ll treat your family with the warmth of our own.
  • Years of experience in the domain
We have years of experience in the industry – over 40 to be precise. Our clients can always be sure that we would use this experience to help our clients through the planning of the funeral. We also have access to professionals who can play a major role on such occasions. They too have an immense experience that can be relied on.
  • Offering the most personalised services
We would always work with our clients to create a personalised experience for the funeral of their loved one.

Helping our clients in their greatest need

As the top funeral directors in Western Sydney, we understand how critical thes situations are. It is the greatest hour of need for them and we are here to guide them. We always adhere to the wishes of our clients. Our priority is to have as dignified a farewell as possible for our clients. It does not matter what kind of situation our clients are in – we are always here to help them put together something special. We also observe the highest levels of courtesy in all the work that we do. We also follow all the traditional customs of our clients for such occasions.
What determines the cost of a funeral?

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Since the funeral can be customised, therefore, there is no fixed cost to it. It depends on the person’s selection of the services and the items. What happens in most of the funeral is that one of the funeral directors is going to provide or hand you the list of the materials with all details including the price of each item. Also, it would also include the casket or any other such thing if you make a selection. 

In addition to this, prior to the completion of the funeral, the funeral director in Western Sydney would do the listing of the items that have been purchased, and the payment is done through the funeral home.

What is the difference between a funeral director and an undertaker?

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People who work as either a funeral director or an undertaken play a crucial role in society. Each of the individuals involved has a different role and name. But people seem to be bewildered when it comes to what to call them. And it is obvious that such confusion would undoubtedly happen because of the fact that there is a very thin line of differences between each of them.

As far as the role of funeral directors in Western Sydney is considered, these people are responsible for the entire arrangement or business of the funeral activities. These people do not carry out the cremation unless the clergy is absent. Also, an undertaker is synonymous with a funeral director. It is a British term, unlike the funeral director which is American. 

What should I look for in a funeral director?

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In the moment of grief, people often end up choosing any of the funeral directors. But we recommend you to be aware of this case as well. Therefore, while selecting one from the pool of funeral directors, you need to keep in mind the following things—

Compare the prices or the quotes and this needs to be done tactfully and without meeting them as none of the directors is going to provide you with the quotation without meeting you.

Trust on the reviews and the most recent ones are to be preferred. This will help in getting an idea of the recent standard of services being provided.

” Our promise to you is to provide you with commitment and compassion during every step of the funeral care process. “
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